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Supporting inspiring and well-balanced leaders in Academia

Next level leadership

Our Academic Leadership Programmes are designed to support this and next generations of academic leaders. We provide these programs for all staffmembers with a leading role in Academia based on our vision that leadership can be demonstrated at any level.

Successful leaders know who they are and are effective in what they do. So all of our programs offer a combination of knowledge development, self-awareness and practical, reflective exercises.

Because of the different groups of people we cater, our Leadership Programmes are never a standard formula. We strive to align our programmes to the specific challenges and needs of the university/faculty and every group of participants, in order to support them optimally in fulfilling their potential and becoming an inspiring and well-balanced leader in Academia.

In any case joining an AcademicVison leadership programme is a journey through the areas of personal leadership, professional leadership and the academic context.


Academic Leadership

Academic Leadership is a programme developed to offer this and next generation leaders in Academia inspiration and support. It is built on a strong combination of knowledge development, self-awareness and practical applicability. We create an open and safe environment for the leaders to discover about their personal leadership styles, values and non-effective habits, to develop effective interpersonal leadership skills and to share experiences or challenges that they face in the academic context and cascade their new knowledge and expertise within their own institutions gaining wider impact from their participation.

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By following this programme the participants will gain:

Personal effectiveness: More self-awareness, clarity and confidence.

Effective Leadership skills: developing knowledge and skills such as to inspire, connect and coach professionals and teams.

Professional impact: Thrive in their academic leadership role, carrying out their vision & ambition while enjoying a well-balanced life.

1. Who am I as a leader?

2. Personal qualities, challenges and pitfalls

3. Situational Leadership

4. Leading a team

5. Effective Communication

6. Coaching principles and skills

7. Personal effectiveness & vitality

8. Academic context & culture

The programme

The ‘Academic Leadership’ programme is designed with input of academic leaders, has a dynamic set-up and several opportunities for sharing, practicing and feedback.

The programme consists of inspiring and effective sessions, starting with a kick-off session, followed by different masterclasses, intervision meetings and individual leadership coaching.

The masterclasses cover different themes, related to the roles and context of academic leaders, as shown on the left. It’s possible for the university/faculty to choose a selection of themes for the masterclasses. Based on this selection guest speakers can be invited to share their knowledge and experience.

They are able to gain one's trust with their meticulous and personal approach, which creates an inspiring learning environment. 

Peter van Baalen - Director College Economics and Business

AcademicVision has the anaytical ability to identify what is needed within a group of people. 

Geerling Langenbach - Director Master's Degrees VU

De strenght of AcademicVision lies in their capability to translate the needs of the clients into customised programmes. We always receive good response of al the participants!

Patricia Rausch - Education manager Academy of Architecture

Naar beneden - Academic Vision


of our Academic Leadership Programs

Alies rond

Alies Zijlstra

Founder and leadership coach

Frank rond

Frank Buskermolen

Consultant and management coach

Vivianne rond

Vivianne Tolen

Coach and proces leader

Anneke rond

Anneke Dekker

Coach and trainer

Evaluation score

All our support programmes and coaching sessions are evaluated by both the participants and the clients. What they appreciate in particular is: "The expertise and personal involvement of the coaches", "the open and inspring atmosphere" and "the attention for both professional ánd personal development".

Our average final score is: 

Naar beneden - Academic Vision