Michelle Au-Jeung - Academic Vision

Michelle Au-Yeung

Coach and Trainer

Michelle works as a coach in her own coaching practice and is a teaching professional.  Her main expertise are didactics, curriculum development and English language skills.

She has mastered the skills of teaching in education and has taught with full contentment ever since. Besides teaching, she coaches teacher-trainees to function independently in class. Recently, she has focussed on coaching teaching professionals in improving their English language skills. Michelle assists in strengthening self-confidence when using a foreign language. She and the coachee set up a coaching plan based on the their current language skills, and she provides advice on how to broaden and improve these skills.

What drives her most in all these activities, is the belief that (young) people are able to grow in and develop their skills, talents and competences. Her coaching style is to listen attentively to the learning needs and to connect them with the present competences to arrive at a plan of action. Reflection is essential to safeguard the growth once gained.

Michelle studied English Language and Literature at the University of Amsterdam before attaining her postgraduate teacher’s degree. She is a registered coach and certified assessor. Her latest coaching project has been at the University of Amsterdam, the School of Economics and Business. In this, she has coached teachers in strengthening their use of English as a medium of instruction.