One Day PhD Mastery

A concise programme on how to stay vital and effective during your PhD journey

Naar beneden - Academic Vision

One day full of connection and growth

As a PhD trajectory is about doing research and capturing all the results into a doctoral thesis, the attention of the PhD student and its supervisor are naturally drawn to the content. And therefore issues like: How to organize my work? What is needed to stay vital? How can I optimally collaborate with my supervisor? How stay focused? How do I deal with stress?  remain underexposed or even taken for granted.

AcademicVision offers a unique 1-Day-programme to prepare PhD students for a vital and effective PhD journey. A day full of highly experiential and interactive leearning. The day will not consist of long PowerPoint decks but many interactive exercises that will allow the students to discover about themselves, about the most common PhD pitfalls and about the effective PhD habits.

A wonderful aspect of this program is that the interactive exercises encourage sharing among participants, thereby significantly enhancing the connection among PhD students.


AcademicVision is excellent in every topic. Most of all, they were able to create an open environment for free discussions and exchange of ideas.

Mandla Diko - PhD Operations Management

This PhD programme was very useful. It increased my awareness on many aspects (professional & personal).

Martha Topete - PhD International Strategy & Marketing

On top of it, it also strengthened the group dynamics, helping tremendously in getting the long term support from colleagues!

Janine Gölz - PhD Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

Naar beneden - Academic Vision

From pitfalls to effective habits

Throughout the One Day PhD Mastery, we guide students in discovering the most common pitfalls experienced during their PhD journey. Subsequently, we focus on learning and implementing effective and healthy habits to prevent falling into these pitfalls.

It is a programme is built on a strong combination of knowledge development, self-awareness and practical applicability. We create the space and opportunity to develop specific skills, to increase awareness in personal needs, strengths and challenges and to create a healthy life balance.

Mastering my PhD Challenges in 1 Day AcademicVision
The value of following this programme is that, within 1 day, it contributes to the following aspects:


Personal Effectiveness

Self confidence


Mastering my PhD AcademicVision

What PhD-students say

Within 1 Day PhD students increase awareness in personal needs, strengths and challenges and are able to take further steps to complete a healthy and successful PhD trajectory. A few examples:

✓ I learned not to be afraid and to ask for help

✓ I learned how to be more organized

✓ I feel more self-confident

✓ I now know how to manage different kind of situations
that I encounter

✓ I learned to acknowledge what I feel and use it as a signal

✓ I experienced that sharing how I'm doing makes working
in a team more enjoyable and easy'


Our Team

Of One Day PhD Mastery

Vivianne rond

Vivianne Tolen

Partner, leadership coach and proces leader

Alies Zijlstra - AcademicVision

Alies Zijlstra

Founder, leadership coach and mediator


All our support programs and coaching sessions are evaluated by both the participants and the clients. What they appreciate in particular is: "The expertise and personal involvement of the coaches", "the open and inspring atmosphere" and "the attention for both professional ánd personal development".

Naar beneden - Academic Vision