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Self-aware, engaged with others, and effective in what you do

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Conscious & Connective Leadership

The era of 'the monkey on the rock' is behind us...

Some people still hold onto that image of leadership when they begin a leadership program. They wonder, 'Can I truly be that kind of leader? Do I possess the strength to chart the course and assert my authority with conviction?'

As times are changing, our leadership programs contribute incrementally to what we consider a crucial cultural shift in leadership, where consciousness & connection plays a central role."

Whether it's guiding leaders,  teams of directors or inspiring personal leadership in all staff, students, and learners, Academic Vision, with its years of experience, is the expert in the field of leadership development in education

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Leadership programs

Ongoing changes and the continuous development of individuals within the organization currently call for a leadership style characterized by a high degree of self-awareness, empathy, and inspiration. We guide leaders and managers in taking a leap in their ability to guide and support others in their development as individuals and professionals.
Consider, for example:

Leadership program Conscious & Connective Leadership

Leadership program Building Strong Teams in Education

3-Day Coaching Leadership Program

A connected MT with a vision

A board or management team with strong collaboration largely determines the adaptability and success of an organization. We support directors and management teams in overcoming internal barriers, enhancing connection and collaboration, and taking synergy and effectiveness to a new level.
Consider, for example:

Guidance for Management Team Meetings and Retreat days

Inspiring leadership sessions with the entire Management Team

Coaching & Mediation for conflict resolution

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Cultural Change

We support educational institutions and organizations in evolving together, building a solid foundation for the future of education. Our aim is to create environments where energy flows, and ideas flourish. Themes such as co-leadership, attention to the well-being of employees, and leadership development are integral to this process.
Consider, for example:


Shared Vision or Core Values Throughout the Entire Organization

Organizational Advice and Guidance

Shared Leadership & Co-Governance

Leadership at all levels

The era where leadership solely rests with the management is over. Shared responsibility and collective leadership foster resilient and successful educational institutions and organizations. We provide leadership development for everyone, from students to directors. This way, everyone has the opportunity to further develop themselves and contribute even more to the goals of the educational institution or organization.
Consider, for example:

Program Personal Leadership

Masterclasses Personal Effectiveness

Mastering your PhD Challenges in 1 Day

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Organization of the 21 st Century

"A great place to learn and grow for everyone.

Reinventing Organizations, Shared Leadership, Co-Governance, Deep Democracy, and Theory U are just a few of the many organizational developments gaining increasing recognition in our society.

People, education, leadership, science, and organizations are evolving rapidly, with new theories, philosophies, methods, and techniques emerging at the same pace.

Are you ready for the next step? AcademicVision is ready to provide guidance."

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