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Leadership in education

This is the era of significant challenges in society, and their impact resonates in the field of education. From Artificial Intelligence, climate change, personalized learning, staffing shortages, 21st-century skills, to inclusivity and diversity, among others, we face a myriad of complex issues.

In times like these, what is needed most is connection—connection among individuals, teams, and organizations. It calls for a collective effort to confront the challenges of our time and collaboratively devise solutions beyond what any one of us could achieve alone. This era also demands a new form of leadership in education—conscious and collaborative leadership that prioritizes people, their well-being, and their desires and needs for optimal functionality.

Yet, you are not alone in this journey. We are here to support leaders, teams, and organizations in this dynamic era, just as we have done for numerous organizations before. Always with an open mind, a clear purpose, and a warm heart.

AcademicVision specializes in Connection & Leadership and operates within various educational organizations in the Netherlands and beyond. We provide support to directors and management teams through leadership programs and coaching, skillfully fostering connection among people at all levels of the organization. Together, let's navigate these challenges and forge a path towards a brighter future.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Inholland Hogeschool
Universiteit van Groningen
Geerling Langenbach-AcademicVision

They have the analytical ability to identify what is needed within a group of people.

Geerling Langenbach ~ Director Graduate School ACTA

Prof. dr. P.J. (Peter) van Baalen - AcademicVision

They are able to gain one's trust with their meticulous and persona approach, which creates an inspirational learning environment. 

Peter van Baalen ~ Director College Economics and Business

Naar beneden - Academic Vision

The AV Team

For over a decade, we've cultivated a network of highly experienced coaches and facilitators. Drawing from years of educational expertise, we offer a clear-eyed perspective on leadership and collaboration. Through tailored programs, teamsupport, workshops, advice, mediation, and coaching, we empower leaders and teams in higher education to foster healthy environments where everyone engages, evolves, and excels together. Our aim is to unleash each individual's energy and talent, uniting to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

We don't rely on standard formulas; everything we offer is bespoke, tailored to meet each person's unique desires and needs.

At our core, we uphold values of Trust, Responsibility, and Appreciation.

Deelnemers aan leiderschapsprogramma AcademicVision

Leadership Programs

Leadership development programs for conscious, connective and inspirational leadership in higher education.

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Management Team Guidance, Team Days, and Retreats for enhanced connection, inspiration, and a clear vision ahead.

Leiderschapscoaching in onderwijs gesprek AcademicVision

Leadership Coaching

Your development and your leadership go hand in hand. Individual Leadership Coaching & Development Programs.

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Haagse HogeSchool
Universiteit van Amsterdam
University Utrecht
Employ Academic Vision for:

Leadership programs


Individual Leadershipcoaching

Inspiration sessions and Retreat days

Mission, Vision and Core Values

We also provide:

Mediation in Education

Project guidance

Support in Wellbeing & Effectiveness

Educational Retreats

The AV team

For over a decade, we have been a network organization of highly experienced coaches and facilitators. Years of expertise in education have bestowed upon us a broad understanding and a clear perspective on leadership and collaboration. Through programs, guidance, workshops, advice, mediation, and coaching, we empower leaders and teams in higher education to cultivate healthy environments where everyone engages, is conscious, and collaborates passionately. Our aim is to unleash everyone's energy and talent, working together to achieve the most beautiful outcomes.

No cookie-cutter solutions, but tailor-made approaches that pay attention to each individual's desires and needs.

Our core values are Trust, Responsibility, and Appreciation.

We stand for

Inspired leadership

Being self-aware and having insight into people’s needs and ambitions, to lead in education with more inspiration and a bigger impact.

Inspirational education

With their expertise and eye for every student's wishes and needs, teachers create an environment where everyone can use their talents to the fullest in society.

Connected col-

Regard for everyone’s input, respectful communication to collaborate synergistically to the realisation of common objectives.

A healthy sustainable organisation

In an environment focused on one’s well-being and room for individual growth and development, people commit themselves to realising the vision for the future.

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Femke Algra ~ Coördinator docentontwikkeling UvA

The strength of Academic Vision is their positive and open approach to everyone.

This motivates people to choose for an open attitude, which ignites a flame for development and with it the insight into their own teaching practices.

Femke Algra ~ Coordinator Teacher Development UvA

Marjoke Vervoorn - directeur onderwijs ACTA

The collaboration with Academic Vision has been inspiring to me. They stand out because they are capable of approaching all topics and challenges with a positive attitude. The objectives made with Academic Vision always lead to a tangible result, which is also valuable.

Marjoke Vervoorn Director Education, ACTA

Dirk Damsma - Docent Macro & International Economics

Academic Vision has provided me with tools to develop myself continuously. 

After 15 years in education, I start to look at it in a refreshing way. But more importantly, during the course I have discovered why I am here on earth, what my talents are and how I can best use them. The future looks brighter now!

Dirk Damsma ~ Teacher Macro & International Economics 

Patricia Rausch ~ Onderwijsmanager Academy of Architecture

The strength of Academic Vision lies in their capability to translate the needs of their clients into a customised programme. We always receive good response of all the participants!

Patricia Rausch ~ Education manager Academy of Architecture

Tinbergen Institute
Hogeschool Leiden

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