Jan Reinder Rösing - Academic Vision

Jan Reinder Rösing

Coach and trainer

Jan Reinder has an insatiable interest in communication and personal development. During his student days, he engaged in numerous debates, ultimately becoming the European Debate Champion. He founded a training company and authored a handbook for debaters. However, after that period, he made a conscious decision to shift from debating to connecting. This change in focus led him to explore meditation and eventually led him to close his business. The desire to train and coach others, something he missed from the very beginning, prompted him to take action.

He joined the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, serving as a diplomat in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey for 12 years. Jan Reinder took leadership roles in various teams during this time.

In 2017, captivated by the theme of empathy, he felt the urge to return to training and coaching. In 2019, he began working part-time as a change management advisor and team coach at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while also restarting his independent practice.

Jan Reinder guides groups in personal development, organizational development, and enhancing communication skills. Armed with a coaching certificate and an extensive background in fields such as empathic communication, connective leadership, and the hero’s journey, he has broadened his expertise.

Jan Reinder facilitates courses and programs for institutions such as RUG, UvA, UU, TU/e, and Saxion University. Outside of work, he enjoys camping with his daughter, reading, and engaging in light-hearted complaints about their dog with his wife.