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Coaching for leaders in education

Individual support for leadership development and personal challenges

Taking a moment to pause will propel you forward

Do I possess the qualities to be a true leader? How do I motivate and inspire others? I'm facing a difficult situation, how do I navigate through it? What can I do to maintain a healthy and balanced leadership role? How do I build a strong team in education or research? 

Do you relate to any of these questions or have another inquiry?

We offer individual support to those with leadership roles in education, addressing all questions or development goals they may have, both professionally and personally. With the space, attention, and support we provide, we create an environment for you to grow and further develop. Together, we ensure that by the end, you feel 'comfortable and confident' in your position.

Below, you'll find the various guidance programs we offer. Coaching is personalized, so reach out to us for a no-obligation introductory meeting where we'll listen to your specific needs and desires, and explain how we can best support you.



Which leadership style aligns best with me and my organization? How do I, as a leader, ensure a healthy work-life balance? What can I do to foster more connection within my management team?

Do you recognize yourself in any of these questions or do you have another inquiry? The highly experienced and committed leadership coaches at AcademicVision offer you the space and support for all questions or goals you may have as a leader in education. So that you can fulfill your leadership role from a place of calm, clarity, and inspiration.

Call or email us to schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting.

Individual leadership journey

I've been entrusted with a leadership role, how do I make a good start? How can I fulfill my leadership role with calmness and clarity? How do I motivate my team members to collaborate effectively? How do I provide space for others as a leader while still maintaining control?

These questions (and many others) are addressed in this individual leadership journey, 'The Essence of Leadership,' an inspiring and concise program designed to support you in developing your leadership over 5 sessions, contributing to optimal collaboration within your team or department.

This journey combines course material with coaching, bringing you to the core of leadership and providing a solid foundation for your leading role in education.

Career coaching

How can I effectively utilize my qualities, talents, and experiences in a job? Which role in society suits me best? What is my mission? How do I maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life? In what type of work environment do I thrive the most? I am seeking a job where I can experience more meaning and purpose.

Do you relate to any of these questions or do you have another inquiry regarding your career or work?

Our coaches at AcademicVision provide you with the space and support to find answers to your questions. Together, we create a tailored journey for personal and professional growth. We believe that when you work from your strengths, passions, and talents, you experience the most fulfillment while simultaneously making the greatest possible contribution to our society.

Personal coaching

As a leader in education, you encounter various challenges, both in your work and sometimes in your personal life. Divorce, illness, the loss of a loved one, conflicts, are just a few examples. With all the questions and goals on both personal and professional levels, you can turn to our dedicated and experienced coaches for individual guidance.

We have comfortable coaching locations where you have the space to step back from your work and personal life to reflect. It's also a place to reconnect with your goals and desires and to discover which patterns and pitfalls may be hindering you from achieving these goals and desires.

We support you in growing in awareness and in realizing your goals and desires, so that you feel comfortable and confident once again!

Sparring & Advice

Do you feel the need to bounce ideas off someone who understands the educational context well? Or would you like advice on a topic related to leadership, organization, or education? 

At Academic Vision, we have extensive experience in higher education and are ready to assist you with any questions or ideas you may have. Whether it's a significant cultural shift, accreditation, conflict resolution, or a development program for directors or teachers.

We offer you an initial conversation free of charge, during which we listen to you and provide some initial support right away.
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