Mediation in Education

A helping hand to restore harmony


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Collaborating to find a solution

Is there a conflict within your team or organization?
Are there two individuals or parties who find it challenging to get along, or perhaps have completely lost the ability to communicate with each other?

If so, our mediation can help you restore the connection or reach a resolution that satisfies both parties. From experience, we understand that a conflict can significantly impact individuals, causing feelings of unrest, stress, and sleepless nights. Therefore, it's crucial not to let a conflict simmer but to take action with the goal of restoring harmony.

We provide mediation by genuinely listening with attention, compassion, and understanding to all parties involved in the conflict, without taking sides. In the safe, clear, and confidential setting we create, open and honest conversations emerge, fostering mutual understanding and finding solutions."

Luc Hilkens - AcademicVision

"My school gladly leverages the talents of Alies. As a mediator, she succeeds in bringing people back together, even where we had deemed it nearly impossible ourselves. She does this in an integral manner, taking into account the personal interests of all parties involved while also keeping the organization's interests in mind. Alies resolves conflicts with the aim of establishing a long-lasting, constructive collaboration."


Luc Hilkens, deputy rector St Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam


Our approach

1. Preliminary Meeting

Prior to the mediation process, we listen to the mediation applicant and, if applicable, colleagues to gain an understanding of the situation.

2.Individual Meetings
Typically, we start by conducting individual meetings with each party, where we primarily listen and, if possible, provide some support to create clarity and responsibility in the situation.

3.Joint Meeting
During the joint meeting, we guide the process and ensure the safe and open context. Throughout the discussion, more insight and understanding emerge, allowing the parties to collectively reach decisions that everyone can agree on.

Mediation in onderwijs AcademicVision
Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam - AHK

AcademicVision mediator

Alies Zijlstra is our mediator in education. She is a highly experienced leadership coach and mediator with a wealth of experience in educational organizations. Alies is often referred to as 'the Team Doctor' because even in very challenging, difficult, and painful situations, she manages to restore harmony and collaboration within teams.

Alies Zijlstra - AcademicVision

Alies Zijlstra

Founder, leadership coach and mediator


More harmony in your team, department, or section

A stronger sense of connection and unity

Greater understanding and respect for each other

Understanding the conditions for optimal collaboration

Greater awareness of one's own strengths, patterns, and pitfalls

Understanding the core values and needs of others

Space to collaborate on education again

Suzan Valstar-AcademicVision

"What a wonderful session it was, considering there was so much happening. I still have a warm and joyful feeling from it! It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm going back to work with my colleagues feeling relieved and motivated again! Thank you!"

Suzan Valstar ~ Coordinator Nicolaas Lyceum Amsterdam


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