Vitality in Education

From work stress to work success

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Burn-out and stress

Working and studying in higher education in the Netherlands is experienced more and more as demanding and tough. Time and finances become scarce, while the (experienced) expectations and demands become higher. This leads to a yearly increase in the number of students and employees with burn-out and mental problems like depression.

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Vitality and well-being

From our expertise we feel compelled to contribute to this society wide issue. Often the focus is on offering support and care for students and employees that experience symptoms. AcademicVision sees the answer more in prevention. How do you create an environment where people are happy and driven? And how do you offer (young) people tools to stay healthy and resilient, also in the future. In this way we not only contribute to the issues in this moment, but we also build a foundation of vitality and well-being for the future.


Focussing on prevention and happiness requires conscious choices in how to work and live together in the organisation. How do we interact and treat each other? AcademicVision offers inspiration and support for everyone in education. To make a transition with the whole organisation from work stress to work success or to offer a specific group support. We believe in the combination of inspired leadership, inspirational education and optimal collaboration. With attention to everyone's growth and development, we create a healthy and future proof organisation.

Naar beneden - Academic Vision

Important for everyone

Vitality offers customized support for board and management, teachers and employees and students and PhD's.

Deelnemers aan leiderschapsprogramma AcademicVision

Board and management

How healthy is my organisation?
How vital am I in my leadership role?
How do we create an organisation that supports vitality and well-being?


Teachers and employees

How vital am I as teacher or emloyee?
How can I positively influence my own vitality?
How do I create a (learning) environment that supports vitality and well-being?


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Students and PhD's

How vital am I as a student?
How do I create a (learning) environment that supports my vitality now and in the future?
How can I support others in this?



From cultural transition to focussed approach

The power of our support lies in the combination of knowledge development, increase in awareness and practical application. We are able contribute to the organisation as a whole and offer the opportunity to create a cultural transition from work stress to work success. Of course it is also possible to apply specific components to address a more specific issue.

Knowledge development:

Insight in the theory of (positive) health

Insight in concepts like energy, stress, relaxation and motivation and how these influence vitality

Knowledge of leadership on personal, professional and organisational level


Insight in personal vitality and energy balance

Awareness of personal physical, mental and/or emotional responses and signals

Insight in personal qualities, talents and driving forces and at the same time limiting patterns and blockages

Practical application:

Applying the knowledge and insights in the personal and professional context

Creating a healthy situation for yourself and your direct co-workers/fellow students and contributing to a healthy organisation

Taking the first initiatives in the organisation to encourage vitality

Together we give your organisation direction to create a healthy community. Board and management develop awareness on inspiring and connective leadership. Teachers and employees experience more resilience, support and autonomy in their role. Students and PhD's develop 21st century skills to be resilient and support themselves and others.

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