Vivianne Tolen - Academic Vision

Vivianne Tolen

Coach and process leader

Vivianne is an experienced and accredited coach, consultant and process keeper.

Her passion is to discover and develop potential in organisations, teams and individuals. She loves to create an environment in which employees can grow and use their full potential in achieving results. What defines her is her enthusiasm and commitment. She is result- driven, pragmatic and capable of bringing the best out of people.

Vivianne is highly experienced in higher education and works with individuals and teams at all levels, from teaching professionals to top management. She coaches in the set-up of courses and the development and implementation of inspiring and high- quality education. She offers (didactic) coaching, conducts lesson observations and coaches in teaching qualification programmes (BKO). She is an expert at time-management.

Her background is in Health Sciences followed by various programmes and trainings in the field of professional coaching and education