Marloes de Vries

Dr. Marloes de Vries is a coach and trainer, specializing in supporting doctoral candidates, scientific researchers, and educators.

Marloes coaches with great compassion and understanding, operating under the belief that everyone has the ability to (re)take control of their work and life. With extensive experience in and around higher education and research, she is well acquainted with the competitive nature of this field and intimately understands the challenges faced by researchers and educators. Her mission is to normalize and open discussions about well-being, stress management, and personal and professional development.

In addition to coaching, Marloes provides training in academic skills such as scientific writing and communication with non-academic audiences. Writing and communicating about research for various audiences can be likened to marketing research. A document intended for a funding agency’s review committee serves a different purpose than, for example, a public summary. Marloes guides researchers through this landscape, teaching them to play with words to describe and present their research in the most engaging way possible.

Marloes has been working in higher education since 2009, initially as a researcher and later as a project manager and research advisor. She has extensive experience in mentoring students, junior and senior researchers, and educators, as well as providing strategic advice at the departmental and organizational levels. Marloes holds a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering and earned her Ph.D. in biomedical science. Additionally, she has completed various coaching and personal and professional development programs.