Maike rond

Maike Pollaert

Trainer and consultant

Maike helps teachers, directors and school managers to do their work with more self-confidence, leadership and enthusiasm.

Her drive is the well-being of students. Every student should feel safe and free to develop themselves in education. Teachers are instrumental in creating conditions for this environment.

Maike helps teachers to become more confident in what they do. Only when the teacher is the best version of himself, can he get the best out of students.

Her method involves actors’ techniques to hold the attention of the audience. These techniques involve effective non-verbal communication, which she transforms into teacher-or training situations. Always from a physical approach combined with the necessary humour.

She worked as an education consultant in higher education and has been working as an independent trainer and coach in the entire educational field since 2015.  Maike studied Educational Science at the University of Leiden and attended the course of Director for amateur theatre at the Rotterdam Centre of Theatre. At the same time, she also completed her bachelor in Facility Management.