Frank rond

Frank Buskermolen

Consultant and management coach

Frank has worked in higher education since 1988 and is a highly experienced consultant and manager, management coach and facilitator in diverse issues.

His ambition is to let people collaborate and learn in an inspired and healthy way,  with the right focus on good education. For him, training and education plays a vital role in society hence his contribution to this field.

He is concerned with educational-and organisational issues, in middle management as well as in top management. These issues are often related to direction and strategy, organisational development, leadership and control. His strength lies in his observant and analytical skills combined with compassion and decisiveness. He creates stability and overview and has an eye for coherence of all the aspects of good education.

In education, Frank has fulfilled advisory, project and management posts at dozen colleges, universities and vocational colleges. He has also worked at international collaboration. His background is in Educational Science and Organisational Management.