Karolien Koolhof - Academic Vision

Karolien Koolhof

Coach and trainer

Karolien Koolhof is a coach and trainer, focusing her work primarily on introverted professionals. Additionally, she serves as a lecturer and mentor at Fontys School of Journalism in Tilburg.

In her coaching practice, the emphasis is on discovering and strengthening individual talents. By concentrating on one’s strengths, the coachee’s perspective often shifts, enabling them to present themselves in a more authentic manner. Self-acceptance and perfectionism are recurring themes in this process.

Through her training sessions, Karolien highlights personality as a crucial aspect of diversity and inclusion. While external appearances are frequently the main focus, she believes in delving deeper to truly see people for who they are. This approach allows everyone’s talents to shine, fostering a sense of well-being and acknowledgment.

Karolien has been coaching since 2019, building on previous experience in journalism and consultancy. In higher education, she guides students in generating new concepts, emphasizing autonomy and self-confidence. Additionally, she provides one-on-one guidance to students, always recognizing and appreciating what makes each student unique.

She approaches her work with an open, curious, and sometimes provocative attitude. Karolien is grounded, compassionate, and insightful in her reflections. With extensive knowledge in introversion and coaching, she remains flexible in addressing a wide range of topics.