Stefan rond

Stefan Nortier

Trainer and coach

Stefan’s greatest passion is to contribute to the development of personal leadership among young professionals. In his vision, higher education delivers a valuable contribution to this development of future leadership in our world.

When it comes to training and coaching, Stefan works with students and teachers, in which he specializes in personal leadership, team performance, communication, and management and entrepreneurial competences. By creating a safe context, space is created to discover and learn. With his distinctive ability, directness, steadfastness, and attentiveness, Stefan knows how to formulate the wishes and objectives in his training and coaching precisely.

In addition, Stefan acts as a consultant for teaching departments, management teams and board of directors in the field of educational organisations, curriculum, course books, lesson objectives and organisational culture. He has experience with international students and course programmes.

Stefan has gained experience in (international) higher education for more than ten years. He has coached some 300 young professionals and 50 multidisciplinary teams in personal leadership, team performance and communication. Besides, he has trained more than 3500 (international) young professionals. He has also advised educational organisations on content and/or process.

Stefan has a Master’s Degree in Culture, Organisation and Management, specialised in organisational advisory processes and has completed the studies Facilitative Services and Theatre Trainer.