Tamara Verkeste - Academic Vision

Tamara Verkeste

Coach and trainer

Tamara is coach and trainer in higher education, aimed at young adults and their personal and professional development.

In this ever-changing and complex world in which excelling seems to be the standard, young adults struggle with the stress and pressure they experience. She therefore believes that it is essential to remain true to oneself and look for one’s own talents: what drives them and what is truly worthwhile. So they can make choices from within evoking pleasure, pride and satisfaction.

She has worked as coach and trainer in higher education for more than 10 years. She coaches students individually and in groups, focused on self-responsibility and self-management, self-confidence and decision-making, career coaching and talent development. She develops and organises educational programmes, workshops and trainings that contribute to personal and professional development and leadership.

Tamara works with an energetic, friendly and curious attitude. Engagement and quality are her priorities. She creates an open and positive environment in which trust, safety and appreciation are the basis to learn, but also to make mistakes. She has an eye for individual processes and knows how to bring people together.

Tamara has completed her studies as career advisor and coach and has done several courses related to coaching individuals and teams. She is a certified career coach at NOLOC.