Elsa Stegenga Academic Vision

Elsa Stegenga

Management consultant and coach

Elsa is a highly experienced team coach, management coach and process keeper. She creates space for opportunities and growth by using serenity and trust.

Her particular aims are setting up and coaching self-directed teams and result-responsible teams. Using the natural character of people and teams as a starting point, Elsa aligns with what a person, team or situation needs to make the next steps possible. She inspires them in using freedom and authenticity to become more effective and happier. Her strength is the connection of tangible content with the soft human side of changes, without ever losing sight of the higher goal of either the organisation or the team.

After completing the study Management IT, Elsa has worked as an independent consultant and coach for various companies in Northern Holland. In this post, she coached several teams and managers at the Northern University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden. Besides this, she has also gained experience as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and as an internal consultant and coach/facilitator for the government.