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PhD support programme

As a PhD trajectory is about doing research and capturing all the results into a doctoral thesis, the attention of the PhD student and its supervisor are naturally drawn to the content. Therefore issues like organizing work, giving a presentation and above all teaching remain underexposed or even taken for granted.  Mastering these challenges on their own can cause stress, create a sense of overwhelm and distract them from their research. Therefore AcademicVision developed the following programme.



Mastering My PhD

‘Mastering My PhD’ is a programme developed to offer PhD students guidance and support. It is built on a strong combination of knowledge development, self-awareness and practical applicability. We create the space and opportunity to develop specific skills, to increase awareness in personal needs, strengths and challenges and to create a healthy life balance.

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By following this programme PhD students will gain:

Self-confidence: Fulfilling their academic roles with more ‘power and pleasure’.

Academic and didactic skills: Developing transferable skills, proven to be influential during an academic career

Personal and professional effectiveness: Thrive in their PhD trajectory while enjoying a well-balanced life.

1. Personal Effectiveness

During the first session we explore factors for a successful PhD trajectory. We will get acquainted with each other, reflect on personal goals and explore resources that can be helpful to achieve your goals

2. Work-Life Balance

This session focuses on the art of organizing your work and life. How to enhance quality and productivity, while not exhausting yourself in the process.

3. Academic Writing

In this session we focus on the basics of academic writing. We offer you practical tools to help you design, structure and phrase an academic text adequately. Feedback on your writing is included.

4. Teaching Essentials

To be effective in your teaching role, this session focuses on creating an optimal learning environment and enhancing student learning. A lecture observation, coaching and feedback are included.

5. Effective Communication

‘How to communicate effectively with my supervisor?’ ‘What is the impact of my communication style on my colleagues and students?’ This workshop is about barriers and strategies for effective communication.

6. Presentation Skills

This session offers you the possibility to practice the skills that are necessary to deliver an effective presentation. How do we capture and hold the attention of our audience during a presentation?

7. Critical Thinking and Debating

What is true? What is valuable? What is relevant? Critical thinking is an essential tool that helps to reflect about what really matters. You will actively engage with critical thinking and debating skills.

8. My Life After PhD

This final session offers a glimpse of what life could look like after your PhD. You will become aware of your experience and skills that enable you to make a transition to your future career.

The workshops

‘Mastering my PhD’ is designed with input of PhD’s, has a dynamic set-up and several opportunities for practicing and feedback.

The programme consists of powerful 4-hour thematic sessions that cover different skills. On this page eight workshops are explained in more detail. The content will be further adapted to the needs and questions of the participants. As a faculty it is also possible to choose a selection of these workshops.

During several sessions guest speakers from the faculty will be invited to share their knowledge and experience.

AcademicVision is excellent in every topic. Most of all, they were able to create an open environment for free discussions and exchange of ideas.

Mandla Diko - PhD Operations Management

The PhD workshops were very useful. They increased my awareness on many aspects (professional & personal).

Martha Topete - PhD International Strategy & Marketing

I was glad to have some preparation for the teaching part of my PhD. On top of it, it also strengthened the group dynamics, helping tremendously in getting the long term support from colleagues!

Janine Gölz - PhD Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

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Our Team

Of Mastering my PhD

Vivianne rond

Vivianne Tolen

Partner, leadershipcoach and proces leader

Anneke rond

Anneke Dekker

 Coach and facilitator


Marloes de Vries

Coach and trainer Academic writing


Imre rond

Imre Végh

 Trainer and coach 

Silvia Hamersma - AcademicVision

Silvia Hamersma

Coach and trainer

Romy Schagen - AcademicVision

Romy Schagen

Coach and trainer


All our support programs and coaching sessions are evaluated by both the participants and the clients. What they appreciate in particular is: "The expertise and personal involvement of the coaches", "the open and inspring atmosphere" and "the attention for both professional ánd personal development".

Naar beneden - Academic Vision
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